There’s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm. ― Christina Aguilera

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Travel Savant: Williamsburg
Then She Fell

Follow us down the rabbit hole and score one of the 15 coveted nightly tickets to Then She Fell, Third Rail Projects’ site­‐specific ode to Lewis Carroll.

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1st Pictorial Records ‘From TOP’ 

I love this man

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some more life hacks for ya’ll

That pinky one…why couldnt they have showed me that at COLLEGE

This reminds me of the time before life hacks showed us stuff like how to break into a house.

Admit it, we would all lose the chapstick money

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This is the closest Disney will ever get to a certain joke.

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So This is my Gender bend version of Elsa and Jack (OTP lol), Jackie and Elsir : ) Hope you guys like.

So this was a good change of pace for me because I started to do lined drawings. it’s really fun to do more stylist drawings using lines ^_^ and couples are rly fun to draw !

lol sorry for the inconsistent styles XD;; was experimenting mostly @_@;;

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Elsa, Jack frost Gender bend ^u^  speedpaint ! for the fun

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Francisco Lachowski | Harper’s Bazaar Men Thailand, Spring 2014

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